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Wunderkinds 2020

Samantha Ross, 29


Photo courtesy of Samantha Ross

Project Manager
Center Management Associates/ Children’s Corner Learning Center

To say that the family business is in her blood is an understatement for Samantha Ross. “My mom went into labor with me while giving a facility tour of one of our childcare centers in Scarsdale,” she recalls. Today, the business operates 10 childcare locations that Ross helps manage, which serve approximately 1,100 children in Westchester.

Ross credits her parents with exposing her to high-level business decisions at an early age. “My parents were so open about the business. Whether they were applying for loans or going to zoning meetings, I was part of those conversations,” she says. After obtaining her MBA from Iona College, she quickly applied her business skills to the operations of the family business.

She has streamlined efficiencies and is in the process of developing a touring handbook for center directors. Realizing the directors are key to obtaining clients, she decided to bring in external sales trainers to help them more effectively discuss enrollment with potential families. She also implemented a CRM system which boosted lead conversion by approximately 15%. “We found we were losing client leads. With this new system, a director has 24 hours to contact a lead, and I can see where that lead is in the process,” she explains.

Ross has also played a key role in making tough business decisions, consolidating two Bronx locations into one when universal pre-K cut into their enrollment. “In the next five years, I plan to further develop the company and expand growth, especially within the Westchester market,” she explains.