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Wunderkinds 2020

Kate Casaday, 28


Photo courtesy of Kate Casaday

Manager of Business Services — Population Health and Value-Based Lead
CareMount Medical

Kate Casaday’s mouthful of a title needs a translation: She is working on methods to change the way healthcare providers and insurance companies communicate with each other and, ultimately, the way medical care is priced and paid for. In value-based care, Casaday explains, physicians and other caretakers earn more for healthy outcomes, rather than simply being paid per procedure.

This forward-thinking approach to pay structure is a complicated system requiring new ways of coding interactions between doctors and patients when submitting claims. Casaday, with a degree in biology from the University of Chicago, and a master’s degree in public health policy from Columbia University, is more than qualified to be a leader in CareMount Medical’s efforts in this area.

The key is “to enable providers to generate more revenue if they keep patients healthier overall,” she explains. “That’s the essence of how healthcare should work, and the moral impetus behind taking this job.” The daughter of two engineers, Casaday grew up in a household in which “comprehensive science training was a bit of a requirement.”

Having considered medical school, Casaday found herself drawn instead to studying “social factors that affect the population at large.” Her current position, which she’s held for more than two years, has proven to be the perfect fit for her skillset and interests. “CareMount has given me an environment to think about and work on these problems,” she says, “to get this virtuous cycle started.”

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