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Nothing warms a home during the cold winter months better than soul-warming meals prepared for fabulous friends and family.  It’s time to dust off the dining room table and to delight your guests with your favorite hearty recipes using high-quality ingredients.  It is the mission of DeCicco and Sons to bring you a wide selection of local and organic vegetables, fruits and meats.  This is the best way to ensure that your ingredients are the freshest and healthiest.  They carry a great selection of humanely raised and meats from local farms, which is a smarter way to eat because they taste better and don’t contain antibiotics or hormones!

Their expansive selection of meat and poultry includes; premium choice USA-raised filet mignon (available in prime and natural angus varieties), lamb, venison, rabbit, goose and veal.  They also have Bell & Evans local and fresh turkeys, which are humanely raised in Pennsylvania without any antibiotics or hormones. While at DeCicco’s, you’ll find warmth from the staff and perhaps a new recipe to add to your favorites…  Here are a few key meat-cooking tips to keep in mind:

• If you are taking meat out of the refrigerator don’t forget that meat cooks more evenly if you let it stand at room temperature for 15 to 30 minutes.
• If you are roasting a turkey, start cooking the turkey breast side up to avoid having to flip a hot and sputtering turkey.
• When buying steak, look for marbling because that signals a juicy steak that is full of flavor.

If you feel like taking a break from cooking, DeCicco’s has the perfect catering menu, which means eating well with no cooking involved (my favorite option). Their menu includes precooked meats and poultry varieties, as well as a vast selection of custom baked goods, beautifully crafted platters, fresh local seafood dishes, quality cheese plates and boards, and mouthwatering side dishes. So, here’s to a winter filled with delicious meals, warm family gatherings, happiness, and health eating!


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