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Most people don’t realize how filthy their carpets and rugs can become with daily activities. While we clean our sinks, showers, and toilets with care, it’s easy to neglect something decorative, like an area rug. Pets lounge and play on our rugs, depositing whatever they picked up from outside. Children also routinely spill their food, dust settles, and skin cells shed. In a nutshell, an area rug harbors a lot more than meets the eye.

“Your carpet probably contains about 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it 4,000 times dirtier than your toilet seat,” says Dr. Philip Tierno, professor of Pathology and Microbiology at NYU Langone Medical Center and author of “The Secret Life of Germs.”

How can you protect your carpets, rugs, and homes from harmful bacteria? RevitaRUGS, an environmentally conscious area rug cleaning company servicing NY Metro, NJ and Greenwich, CT, has some helpful advice and alternative strategies.

RevitaRUGS brought its expertise in valuable rug cleaning from its sister company in Italy. The process utilizes purified soft water system, mild organic soaps, no harsh chemicals, and is proven 100 percent safe for use on your decorative rugs. The use of organic soap and their proprietary systems and processes not only cleans the rug, but also protects your family from potentially harmful toxins.

For a two-person, non-smoking household under normal weather conditions, the Environmental Protection Agency recommends a professional carpet cleaning every six to 12 months. In households with young children or pets, carpets should be cleaned every three to six months. In situations where the outdoor environment is contaminated, extremely cold, or high in humidity, more frequent cleanings are necessary.

According to recent research by RevitaRUGS, 75 percent of area rug owners never properly clean their rugs.

With the average person shedding about 1.5 million skin cells per hour, Tierno says, “rugs are botanical and zoological parks.”

The bacteria living inside your carpet can include E. Coli, Salmonella, and Staphylococcus. Since we spend about 69-90 percent of our time indoors, we are at risk of exposure to these types of bacteria every day. According to a study conducted by microbiologist Dr. Charles Gerba and biologist Sheri Maxwell, the standard home-use vacuum cleaner contains up to 18,000 grams of bacteria. Thirteen percent of tested brush rolls harbored E. Coli. According to a report by the Safer Products Project, children’s susceptibility to these toxins is up to 40 times the risk for adults.

According to another study conducted in the UK, scientists discovered high levels of pneumonia and E. Coli bacteria on the bottom of people’s shoes. The study concluded that 40 percent of Britons leave their bacteria-ridden shoes on indoors, tracking toxins and contaminants all over their carpets.  

Nonetheless, you can protect yourself and your family by maintaining your rugs or floor coverings. Steps toward clean area rugs are all a matter of investment in what is safe and healthy for your home.

RevitaRUGS provides high-quality area rug and Persian carpet cleaning and restoration services using organic rug-cleaning technology that is safer for homes.


Main Facility:
10 Horizon Blvd.
South Hackensack, NJ 07606

Phone Numbers:

New Jersey: 201-641-1100
New York:  212-221-1867
Toll Free: 855-573-8482

Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday, 8-5 PM

Free pick-up and delivery: NJ, NYC Metro, Westchester County, Greenwich CT



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