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Are you ready for some fast fun? Feeling a little lucky, too? That’s the winning combination at Empire City Casino, where the chance for big fun and big wins are just minutes away. Conveniently located in Yonkers, no excursion to Atlantic City (or spending your winnings on gas) is required. Empire City’s one-of-a-kind experience includes over 5,200 slot machines and electronic table games, legendary harness racing, headlining live music, and delicious palate-pleasing dining options. Make your next trip to Empire City Casino even more fun by using your personality traits to choose the games you play. There’s something for everyone at Empire City Casino and a game for every persona. See which game fits best. Just remember, you can’t win if you don’t play the game. Game On!


If you are…Independent

Your best game: Poker

Why? If you enjoy working solo, Poker is for you. You don’t mind time alone and can (and do!) spend hours on your own. Falling more on the solitary end of the social spectrum, relaxing with your headphones firmly in place suits you just fine.


If you are…a Strategist

Your best game: Blackjack

Why? Blackjack is a thinking person’s game. Your adrenaline rush comes from tapping into your intellect and the challenge of finding solutions—the more complex the problem, the better in your world. And, you’ll take a carefully thought-out strategy over luck any day.


If you are…the Life of the Party

Your best game: Craps/Baccarat

Why? Craps and Baccarat are fast-paced and animated, which puts you squarely in your comfort zone. Did you say “Party” is your middle name? You feed off the excitement of interacting with other players. If it looks and sounds like a whopping good time, you’re there. And, a little pampering doesn’t hurt. It’s an atmosphere that may be intimidating to some, but it’s just pure fun to you!


If you are…Fearless

Your best game: High-Stake Games

Why? While some people think taking a big risk is throwing caution to the wind, you say, “Bring it on!” You’re drawn to high-stake games like Progressive Slots and Roulette with the highest potential for a huge win. The substantial bet that goes with it doesn’t bother you in the least. In your view, playing big and winning big go hand in hand! If you’re going to play, you’re going to make it count.


If you are…Competitive

Your best game: Sic Bo

Why? Nothing ignites your competitive genes faster than pitting your skills against other players. You’re all in and losing isn’t an option. You don’t know the meaning of fear of failing. But, if you go down, you won’t go down without a fight.


If you are…Reserved

Your best game: Slots

Why? Your motto is “Slow, but steady.” You’re all for a good game, but you like playing it safe and don’t easily part with your hard-earned money. You’re looking for a good time more than a financial payout. Although, you’re excited by any win, no matter how small.

Have you picked your ideal game? Time to head to Empire City Casino. Your game is waiting!

Empire City Casino, one of the largest entertainment and gaming destinations in the country, features 5,300 of the hottest slots, electronic craps, roulette, baccarat and sic bo; year-round harness racing and International simulcasting; live entertainment including the best party, tribute and Latin bands, comedy, karaoke, and more. A plethora of dining options will satisfy even the most discerning palate with Italian cuisine at Nonno’s Trattoria; trackside dining with live betting at Empire Terrace Restaurant; pub-style fare at Dan Rooney’s Café and Bar; and convenient delicious options at the International Food Court or Grab ‘n Go. 

Empire City Casino
810 Yonkers Ave
(914) 968-4200


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