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If anyone is worthy of “selfie”-promotion, it’s the 21 Wunderkinds on these pages. All under age 30, these remarkable overachievers are already having an impact way beyond their years on the Westchester business community. They are future superstars making waves in a wide range of industries: retail, technology, finance, medicine, academia, and design, to name a few—and you can expect to hear a lot more about them in the coming years. Mirroring the diversity in our county’s business world, this year’s crop of Wunderkinds comprises entrepreneurs, corporate managers, academics, restaurateurs—and even a LEGO master. Read on to meet Westchester’s best and brightest under-30 professionals. We promise you’ll be inspired.

Jenet Ferris Robert Karp Sciarrino Donovan Malloy Brittany Zachos
Ryan Beaudry Joseph Castillo Kevin Hanlon John Zanzarella Charles Aikman
Carly Clemons Jesse Shapiro Frank J. DeRosa Chas Anderson Ariel Poser
Chris Cipolla Brendan Weinstein Xavier Viloria Michael Chirico Dough Messer


Text by Nancy L. Claus, Philip Garrity, Marisa LaScala, Katie O'Donnell, Amy R. Partridge, and Scott Simone
Photography by Stefan Radtke

Makeup Ashley L. Cermele
Hair Alyssa Sablow