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Your Big Fat Burger


In Beef We Trust


A really good hamburger is the culinary equivalent of a big ol’ pickup truck: both are sturdy, require two hands to maneuver, are capable of hauling a man-sized load of tomatoes, lettuce, and cheese, and are oh-so-American.  We went on a tour of local hamburger joints, looking for the biggest, juiciest burger Westchester has to offer, something like a Monster Truck on a bun. (All you vegetarians are excused and

can turn directly to page 62.)


By Judith Hausman * Photography by Michael Polito


Piper’s Kilt

434 White Plains Rd. Eastchester

(914) 779-0611



The Blazer Pub

Rte. 22 N., Purdys

(914) 277-4424




83 Main St., Dobbs Ferry

(914) 693-9793




94 N. State Rd.

Briarcliff Manor

(914) 762-3376


The Briar’s

512 N. State Rd.

Briarcliff Manor

(914) 941-9870



City Limits Diner

200 Central Ave.

White Plains

(914) 686-9000 

The Westchester

125 Westchester Ave.

White Plains

(914) 761-1111

35 Harvard Ave.

Stamford, CT

(203) 348-7000



4 Broadway


(914) 328-4199


Chat 19

19 Chatsworth Ave.


(914) 833-8871


Harrys of Hartsdale

230 E. Hartsdale Ave.


(914) 472-8777


Deer Park Tavern

40 Deer Park Rd.


(914) 232-9104


Jackson & Wheeler

25 Wheeler Ave.


(914) 741-2000


121 Restaurant & Bar

Dingle Ridge Rd. and Rte. 121

North Salem

(914) 669-0121


The Willet House

20 Willet Ave.

Port Chester

(914) 939-7500


J.J. Mannion’s Restaurant

640 McLean Ave.


(914) 476-2786

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