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What Westchester Really Thinks About Sex



Our Dating Scene is “Meh”
How easy is it to meet a romantic partner in Westchester?

10.6% It’s impossible
40% It’s somewhat hard.
38.5% It’s neither hard nor easy.
9.8% It’s somewhat easy.
1.1% It’s incredibly easy.


We Must Have the Most Virus-Free Computers in the USA
How Often do you watch porn?

54.8% Never
29.7% Occasionally
10% Weekly
3.6% Daily
1.8% Monthly

For those of you in the majority… Really? Never?


The Naked Truth…

…47.2% of you have dated a co-worker.

…46.9% of you have never tried online dating, and flat-out refuse to in the future.

…15.3% of you have experimented with members of your nonpreferred gender.

…12.5% of you have tried sex augmented by the “little blue pill,” and said it was great
(while 3% of you said Viagra made sex terrible).

…11% of you admit to cheating on your spouse or partner, with 1.4% of you saying that
you cheat regularly (tsk, tsk).

…1.7% of you have had an affair with the boss and said it was great for you both personally
and professionally (while only 0.3% said sleeping with the boss had negative
consequences personally and professionally).

…1.7% of you are in open relationships.