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What Should Your Doctor Be Doing For You?


“Child and adolescent psychiatry is more than looking at symptoms; we try to understand each child’s unique developmental story, identifying strengths and challenges. We work to create effective strategies and to keep molding those strategies as children grow and change.” —Candida A. Fink, MD, child & adolescent psychiatry
“Today, it is important for patients to partner with their physician in maintaining good health. Keeping in shape and being vigilant to changes in your condition will help alert your physician when something is wrong. [He or she] can then diagnose the problem, treat it at its onset, and increase the likelihood of success and cure.” —Jerry J. Weinberg, MD, urology 

“In helping my patients and their problems of leg arterial or venous circulation, it is of paramount importance to understand all areas: prevention, medication, and intervention. I try to minimize future risk and need for procedures, and optimize a healthy  lifestyle.” —Eric Fishman, MD, vascular surgery 

“Good treatment combines state-of-the-art medical expertise with a warm, caring approach.” —Amy Silverman, MD, child & adolescent psychiatry

“Patients should look for physicians who listen to them. Finding someone who can listen to you and your concerns is the only way to have a patient-physician relationship that works.” —Robert Grimshaw Jr., MD, geriatric medicine

“Healthier babies start with healthier families. We work closely with our community partners to help support families both in and out of the hospital.” —Heather L. Brumberg, MD, neonatal-perinatal medicine

“The care of an oncology patient requires an approach [that addresses] the social, psychological, and medical aspects necessary to treat the patient in totality.” —Norman Rosen, MD, medical oncology 

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