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Westchester's Most Innovative Businesses


The ability to innovate is at the core of every great company. After all, at every moment in the competitive world of business, but particularly during these challenging economic times, embracing the status quo has caused many businesses to close their doors, while differentiating and pushing toward the new has sustained companies through multiple recessions. These 10 imaginative businesses have overcome remarkable economic odds. And, whether pioneering green efficiencies or launching much-loved (and much-imitated) ad campaigns, all have found a new—and better—way of getting their business done.

Acorda Therapeutics, Inc. (Ardsley)                                       

Allied Converters, INC. (New Rochelle)                                     

Chocolations (Mamaroneck)                                              

Heineken USA (White Plains)                                            

Harmony Designs Furniture & Interiors (Mount Vernon)

Candela Systems Corporation (Somers, Hawthorne)

Tarry Market (Port  Chester)                                                    

NoKa Joe’s and Little Joe’s Books (Katonah)                                         

W@tercooler (Tarrytown)                                                

Madison Approach Staffing (White Plains)