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Westchester's Most Innovative Businesses: Madison Approach Staffing in White Plains


Humanizing the Hiring Process

With unemployment high, it is supposed to be a tough time for staffing firms, but Allison Madison, president and owner of Madison Approach Staffing, isn’t suffering. “Business is good,” Madison says of her White Plains-based firm.

The reason? Candid Capture—a program Madison launched in 2009 that allows candidates to upload videos along with traditional resumés and cover letters, generates interview forms, allows the sharing of materials by decision makers, and generally automates and simplifies the hiring process.

“I found that the hiring process for both the job seeker and the employer was just too long and very costly for companies,” says Madison, who, in 2006, bought the company from her mother, who founded the staffing firm in 1988. Now she’s coming up with new programs and is trying to place them in businesses all around the country.

So far, the in-house, web-hosted software platform has cut the process by 30 to 40 percent. In 2010, Madison launched Candid Capture as a freestanding business. “To my knowledge there is no other staffing firm doing this in Westchester County. The video interview capability has differentiated us and helped us through the recession.”  


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