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Westchester’s 2013 Pet Contest Winner: Wesley, Yorktown Heights, NY


Always in the Swim of Things
{Wesley} A 2 1/2-year-old male English Bulldog

His humans: Carol (quoted here) and Gregory Kuczinski of Yorktown Heights 

Ten-second commercial: He’s a real character and not lazy like most bulldogs. He thinks he’s still a puppy and is very playful. What makes him special: He makes us laugh. He swims in the pool in the summer and likes to jump into a heavy bag, like Rocky. Named after: Character in the TV Series Rich Man, Poor Man. Word best describing his personality: Rambunctious. Most afraid of: The scary stepstool. Fave activity: Swimming. Sleeps at night: In his cage. Most endearing habit: Uses his stuffed toy duck as a pacifier when he goes to sleep. Most annoying habit: He’s right there at the bottom of your feet when you’re cooking and will eat anything off the floor that falls down. He also licks everything in the dishwasher when it’s being loaded. Must-watch TV: America’s Funniest Home Videos, because of the animals. Always on his iPod: Rock, because he loves the drumming. Favorite toy: Plastic bottles—he loves to chew on them and the noise that makes. Celeb most looks like: Jim Carrey as the Grinch. Fave nosh: Cheese. Largest amount spent on him: His $2,200 purchase price. He thinks he is a: Human. If he were famous, he would be: Kevin James from King of Queens. He hates: The smell of citrus. His wardrobe includes: Christmas collars, a New York Giants jersey, and swim vests. Annual cost of upkeep: $2,000 on food and the vet. Most oddball habit: Loves to play with bubble wrap. Naughtiest behavior so far: Peeing on the couch. Sweetest behavior: He rests his head—I think because it’s so heavy—on you and snores.

Check out Wesley’s exclusive behind-the-scenes video, right here


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