Westchester’s 2013 Pet Contest Winner: Pumbah, Yonkers, NY

Not Your Ordinary Pig
An almost 7-year-old male mini potbelly pig

His humans: Pam and John (quoted here) Nowak of Yonkers

Ten-second commercial: Pumbah is a great companion and a smart, handsome boy who loves being a house piggie. He can walk up and down the stairs, and  has never had an accident indoors. His backstory: Pumbah suffered a terrible accident as a youngster under a chain-link fence that cut him open but, thanks to a very special rescue-mom, he now has his forever home with us. His personality: Very sweet, calm, and curious, he craves attention and belly rubs. Of course, he can be a bit stubborn or pig-headed and likes to get his way. His namesake: Pumbaa from The Lion King. Weight: 125 pounds. Fave activity: Stealing tomatoes right off the vine in the garden and eating grass in the yard while soaking up some sun. Beds down in: His own room, inside a pile of blankets. His must-see TV: Bob the Builder cartoons because the bulldozer pushes things just like he does with his nose. Fave plaything: A spiky rubber ball that he rolls around to massage his nose. Loves to: Pose for pictures. His wardrobe consists of: A denim coat for the cold weather. Most oddball habit: Stealing things and stuffing them into his bed, especially plastic bags and any kind of paper. Naughtiest behavior thus far: He pulled the dining-room tablecloth off, crashing a fancy centerpiece onto the floor. Thinks he is: Human. In the pet pig community, it’s widely known that ‘cats look down on you, dogs look up to you, but pigs treat you as equals.’

Check out Pumbah’s exclusive behind-the-scenes video, right here