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Westchester Most Eligible Singles: Maria Gomez


Maria Gomez

Age: 37 Into: Men Location: Mount Vernon Day gig: Real estate broker Relationship history: Never married, no kids Considered joining: The FBI Watch for her: Funky dance moves Recently received: Her motorcycle license Teased about: Her corny, dry jokes and hearty laugh Find her: At the shooting range or skydiving



My friends describe me as outgoing, funny, laid-back, fun, diplomatic, a great advisor, and painfully honest—in a good way, of course! People see this hard, composed exterior and sometimes forget that I succumb to the same trials and tribulations everyone else does. The difference is that I don’t complain about them and wear them on my sleeve. I think those people that I allow into my life are surprised that I can be sensitive at times.


Hobbies: I actively challenge myself—physically and mentally—with paintball, skydiving, the shooting range, motorcycling, et cetera. 
Quirkiest habit: Leaving the shower curtain open—when I’m not in it. I don’t like to worry about my attacker being behind it.
Fun fact: I enjoy adventure and the idea of surviving in the wild with the bare essentials or being a rogue CIA agent. 
Favorite film: Imitation of Life—a classic, emotional tearjerker!
Must-see TV: Reality television and Game of Thrones
In heavy rotation on my playlist: Sade, Rihanna, and Miguel. 
Dream vacation: A week or two on an over-water bungalow in Tahiti with my future life partner. 
Hobbies: Shooting guns, working out, reading, and motorcycling.


Preferred first-date activity: A good old-fashioned dinner 
Preferred romantic date: There’s something about horse-and-carriage rides that screams romance to me. 
First-date deal-breaker: I’m an independent woman but I never pay on a first date. While I may offer to contribute or even pay the entire bill, it would be wise to reject my offer. If you allow me to, you will be filed away in the friend folder.  


Will be someone who: Shares my values and wants to be a good husband and father.  
Must be: My best friend, lover, husband, business partner, and confidante. 
Won’t be: Someone not supportive of my career goals. I have no desire to be a housewife or to rely entirely on my partner financially. I’m ambitious and very entrepreneurial. 

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