Westchester Most Eligible Singles: Jeff Micklas

Find him: Hiking (rock scrambling), working out, or in the ocean

Jeff Micklas

Age: 31 Into: Women Location: Ossining Day gig: Personal and group trainer Relationship history: Never married, no kids Enjoys: Running marathons across the country to raise money for cancer research Weirdest skill: Can walk on his hands just as well as his feet. Admits to being: A reality-TV junkie Last book read: Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson Find him: Hiking (rock scrambling), working out, or in the ocean


After eight years working for a well-respected and secure financial institution in Westchester, I resigned to follow my love and passion for health and fitness and make it my full-time plan. My friends describe me as someone who is passionate about life and one of the most reliable people they know. 

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I’m-a-catch-because Tweet: A guy who looks at the good in things. I learn from the past and strive towards the future. Loyal and dedicated to those in my life.
Favorite film: The Goonies—it’s just a fun movie and the simple fact is that some of the greatest memories in life come from those school-vacation summers.
Always on my DVR: The Biggest Loser, Shark Tank, and Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition. I love seeing people make major changes in their lives and following their passions. 
Can’t-live-without-it app: Spotify—I love having music with me at all times.
Dream vacation: A relaxing resort in Thailand with hiking the Phi Phi Islands and relaxing on the most beautiful beaches in the world.


For a first date, I like: Dinner or brunch—it’s a relaxed icebreaker where you can have a good conversation. 
Take on Internet dating: Nothing wrong with it at all—unfortunately, I haven’t met someone right for me through online dating.


Must be: Someone who I can learn and grow from and vice versa and someone willing to embrace my hobbies even if they don’t love them—they’re at least willing to give them a shot.  
Won’t be: Anyone who is too concerned for how others live and who doesn’t have her own opinion and goes with the majority. 
Bonus points if: You’re so comfortable with yourself that you can go out with a baseball cap and sweats and be just as confident as if you were in a dress going to a wedding.  

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