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Westchester Magazine's Most Popular Articles, May, 2015


Photo courtesy of RiverMarket Bar & Kitchen

5 Destinations For Gorgeous Outdoor Dining In Westchester

Warm weather is (finally) here, ladies and gentlemen. That means Westchester’s restaurants are opening their patios, decks, rooftops, and docks for business once again. Read on for five gorgeous destinations for alfresco dining this spring and summer.

haveseen / Fotolia

The 15 Best High Schools In Westchester

Last year only 10 county high schools made it into New York’s top 50. That number changed by 50% this year.

Photo by Stefan Radtke

914INC.‘s Wunderkind Class Of 2015

Think Millennials are a bunch of slackers? These 22 Wunderkinds—Westchester’s most impressive under-30 business professionals—will definitely change your mind.

Photo by Michael Polito

How 1 Yonkers Man Took A Liquor Brand From Nowhere To A Million Cases. Twice

Yonkers marketing guru Nick Storm went from small-time marketing to collaborating with this country’s most popular liquors.

Photo by Andre Baranowski

Great Steaks: The 11 Best Steaks In Westchester

What makes a steak great? What separates that standard supermarket grayish-pink hunk of shrink-wrapped beef from the sizzling, juicy, mouthwatering marvel at your favorite steakhouse? A lot of care goes into making delicious cuts of beef. And it all starts on the ranch.