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Westchester Drunk Driving Arrests on the Rise in Females, CBS Says


According to CBS News, over the past five years, Westchester has seen a steady rise in the number of women being arrested for drunk driving. Nationwide, that number has leapt nearly 30 percent over the last decade.

The reported cited the now tragic incident involving Diane Schuler this past summer, as well as other examples. Westchester County Police Officer James Griff told CBS HD2, “It’s a mess. It’s usually shocking to see, even though it’s becoming more typical, to find that there are actually children in the car.”

The county is fighting back by upping patrols during the daytime, and new cadets are getting extra classroom time to learn how to identify an intoxicated parent behind the wheel. Furthermore, the cadets are now getting real-world “wet training,” which involves volunteers drinking to exceed the legal amount of .08. This way, they can learn to spot telltale physical signs, like involuntary eye movement, firsthand.

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