Westchester County Demographics Show High Diversity

Color and Creed
We happen to think diversity is a good thing and are proud to report that nearly 22 percent of our citizens are Hispanic or Latino, compared to just 16.4 percent of people in the rest of the country. We are 13.9 percent African American, as compared to a national average of 12.6 percent; 5.3 percent Asian versus 4.8 percent; and almost twice as many Westchesterites are foreign-born as are Americans overall—more than 25 percent as opposed to 13 percent, with most immigrants coming from the Americas and Europe. We also have a higher rate of naturalization for foreign-born people than the rest of the country does (ours: 46.5; everyone else’s: 43.7). In matters of religion, compared to the 48 percent of Americans who consider themselves religious, nearly 66 percent of Westchesterites do. We’re more than twice as Catholic as the US as a whole, and more than five (!) times as Jewish, but less than half as Protestant.