Westchester a Democratic County, Where Two-Thirds are Registered Voters

We Rock the Vote
S o it’s an Obamanation for the second time around.   You would’ve been upset otherwise, Westchester. Nearly half of voters registered in the County as of November 1, 2012, are Dem-affiliated: 283,850 out of a total 602,254 (compared to 144,320 GOPers).
The wins don’t stop there. All of those registrants together represent nearly two-thirds of our population, including those who aren’t even eligible to vote. And the vast majority of those potential voters really do show up at the polls: 560,580 of them. So, yes, Mr. President, senators, reps, et al—we’ve sufficiently earned the right to complain, loudly, if we so choose, about those vertigo-inducing taxes (among other things).
Meanwhile, only three-fifths of the US resident population old enough to vote participated in the 2008 presidential election, the Census Bureau reports.
As of November 9, 2012, Democrats had a close 4-to-3 lead over Republicans in national voter enrollment, in comparison to our wider spread of 3 to 1. At press time, we’re still on the right (er, victorious) side of America’s popular vote, but we might bleed a bit bluer than the rest of our—slightly violet?—countrymen.