Westchester 2012 Year in Review: March

Corruption in Yonkers

Yes, we’re shocked, too. But according to Zehy Jereis, former Yonkers Republican Party chairman, he wasn’t really trying to bribe former Yonkers City Councilwoman Sandy Annabi to drop her opposition to the Ridge Hill development project. All that money, jewelry, and other gifts he showered on her were just tokens of his affection. But the jury doesn’t buy it. (Some people are just so suspicious, you know?) The two (who happen to be distant cousins) are found guilty of corruption on all counts.
But here’s the kicker: Some think that Annabi’s change of heart in favor of Ridge Hill is actually the correct one for Yonkers. Journal News columnist Phil Reisman writes: “…you could make the reasonable argument that Ridge Hill is the best thing to happen to Yonkers since Neil Simon wrote a play about getting lost there. And here’s the weird part—it’s all thanks to Sandy Annabi… Mike Edelman, a lawyer and political consultant, said all along that Annabi’s defense team should’ve taken the jury on a field trip to show the wonders of Ridge Hill…He would’ve told the jury that, without her vote, ‘none of this would’ve happened. As a matter of fact,’ Edelman said. ‘I would’ve argued that had she voted the other way, she should’ve been indicted.’” Which goes to show that karma is, indeed, a bitch. At press time, they were still awaiting sentencing.

The Sundance Digs

Sundance Cinemas is coming to Westchester! Well, we’d like it if Robert Redford himself was planning on putting down roots in Dobbs Ferry, but we’ll take his movie theater any day.