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Westchester 2012 Year in Review: February


Balmy Weather

Winter? What winter? Homeowners save a bundle on heating and plowing this year. With an average  temperature of 40.9 degrees, it is the warmest New York February since people started keeping records back in 1870.

Gerrymandering Around

Okay, this is perhaps the nuttiest thing to come out of our state legislature: Despite a monthlong backlash, a proposal to redistrict Ossining out of Westchester and way across the Hudson River into Rockland was approved.



Rumors that Knicks star Jeremy Lin has moved into Trump Tower at City Center have fans all a-Twitter…until it turns out he hasn’t. (Can you believe he chose lower Manhattan over White Plains? Now that’s just plain Lin-sane.)



Bridging the Gap

After a decade or so of not much of anything happening, what promises to be an endless discussion on a new Tappan Zee Bridge starts in earnest: Let the political games begin!



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