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Upper Crusts


Pizza may just be the ultimate food. And here in Westchester, we are pizza mad! (Maybe that’s why the county can support so many pizzerias.) On the following pages, we break down the finest crusts of the Westchester pizza world, featuring the best old- and new-school restaurant pies, the top slices from counter-service pizza joints, the results of our pizza poll (what we found: Westchesterites fold their slices and choose regular over Sicilian), and more.   

You Wanna Pizza Me?

Our 14 top pies from red-sauce classics to chef-driven contemporary creations.

Slice Slice Baby!

Some of the top slices from around the county

The Pizza Culture

Fortina’s Christian Petroni and The Parlor’s David DiBari sat down at the venerable Sal’s in Mamaroneck to tell us why pizza is America.

Would You Put This on Your Pizza?

Here are five of the most unusually topped pies in the county.

Anatomy of a Pie

We get the lowdown on the basic elements of our favorite savory pie from two local experts.

Pizza Pie by the Numbers

Approximately 1,000 of you took our online pizza poll. And boy, do you like pepperoni and red-pepper flakes (and hate anchovies and chain pizza!).

Pizza Terminology 101 

What the heck is a Pizzaiolo?

Wheel Deal Pies

Chefs take their passion for pizza on the road.



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