Truth be told, I was more than a little skeptical when I received a sample of a cream that promised to “transform” the appearance of my arms and legs, making them look “smoother, firmer, radiant, and totally flawless.” But darned if my skin didn’t look better (if not totally flawless). It’s a sunscreen, moisturizer, and tint all in one (there is a clear version for men), and goes on like foundation for your face, with much the same results: even skin tone and a dewy finish. Caffeine-encapsulated microspheres (whatever they are) and marine algae also have a firming effect, minimizing the look of cellulite and “bat wings.” Twihards, take note: there’s a bit of shimmer here, so you’ll sparkle like Edward in the sun. Miracle Skin Transformer, $34 at Sephora (starting September 15) or