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BUCHANAN—A new study by the Radiation and Public Health Project finds that cancer incidence rates in the four counties closest to Indian Point have risen much more rapidly than the national average since the early 1990s—leading its authors to conclude that radioactive emissions from Indian Point may be one cause.

YONKERS—A new salary survey found that 993 city employees made at least $100,000 last year—up by 103 employees from 2008.

BEDFORD—Amba, a small organic farm, plays Indian Vedic chants 18 hours a day to its plants in the belief that it will protect their immune systems and enliven “their intelligence, energy, and creative growth.”

WHITE PLAINS—A homeless man was responsible for a phony bomb threat against The Galleria. He told police that a suitcase he had left in the mall’s food court had been given to him by a Middle Eastern man and that it was ticking.

NEW ROCHELLE—Children discovered a severed goat head, surrounded by four chicken heads, lying atop a layer of corn meal in a foil pan at Glenwood Lake Park. Police speculated it could have been part of some ceremonial ritual.

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