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BUCHANAN—The federal government’s long-anticipated environmental review of Indian Point—a key step in the nuclear plant’s license extension—has been delayed at least until November 19, because of the large number of comments that the Nuclear Regulatory Commission has received about the controversial power center.

OSSINING—A citizens’ group (Ossining Citizens for Consolidation 2010) has formed to dissolve Ossining village into Ossining town, in an effort to stem the crippling rise in property and school taxes that residents are experiencing. The group needs a total of 1,100 signatures on its petition to bring the proposal to a referendum.

WHITE PLAINS—The city has abruptly ceased its longstanding courtesy of exempting residents from its overnight parking ban if they call the police department requesting permission.

SCARSDALE—A rash of coyote sightings have village residents on edge, after coyote sightings and attacks had been reported elsewhere in the county this year.

MOUNT VERNON—Two moms have filed a class-action lawsuit against County Executive Rob Astorino, alleging that they have been wrongly denied daycare assistance because of Astorino’s budget cuts.

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