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Top Bakeries and Bread-Lovers’ Guide


Is anything more satiating than a still-warm-from-the-oven cookie or loaf of bread? How about sinking your fork through layers of fluffy buttercream and devil’s food cake? Fortunately, Westchester is chock full of bakeries, whether they delve into the science of sweets or dazzle with dough. So, grab a cup of your favorite steaming beverage and prepare for an oh-so-sweet journey into the county’s bakery scene. Here’s where you can have your cake — and pretty much any other baked good — and eat it, too.

The Top 10 Westchester Bakeries

From macaron mavens in Bronxville to cake-masters in Scarsdale, here’s a list of the bakeries that do sugar the sweetest.

Ethnic Bakeries

Consider breaking from the familiar and allow your palate to experience new flavors, textures, and ingredients from pastry chefs around the world here at home.

The Official “I’m Not Sharing This” List

29 baked goods so delicious, you wouldn’t even give a little piece to Grandma.

The Art of Cannoli

Ask any county resident to name their favorite desserts, and cannoli will likely be among them.

Our Guide to the Best Bread

We tried more than a hundred (!) loaves from local bakeries to find 12 we’d want to fill our bread boxes with.

Breads of the World

Man (and woman) can live by bread alone if they sample the delights found at the international bakeries and markets around the county.

Buttered Up

You can’t spread just anything on our best loaves.

A Friend in Knead

Breaking bread with the loaf-masters behind Port Chester’s exceptional artisan bakery.

Born and Bread

At 83 years old, Sonny Orza has, quite literally, spent his life on the bakery floor.

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