Top 5 Electronic Gadgets for 2010

 3. HDTVs with Internet connectivity
“This is another hot gadget. If you have a fast Internet connection at home, you can connect your HDTV to it and your TV can access your Netflix account and will stream movies instantly to your TV. No other box or equipment required. In fact, if you have a wireless router for your computer, you can even do it wirelessly. And a lot of these Internet-enabled TVs offer little widgets that can pop up on your TV screen like they do on your computer, and you can get the weather, or access your Flickr account and do slideshows of your photos right on your TV. If you haven’t gotten an HDTV yet, it’s really worth considering, because now you can interact with the Web without a computer.”


4. High-def digital camcorders
“High-def camcorders are going to take off this year. Prices are starting to come down a lot. They complement HDTVs very well. They typically record to flash memory cards—the same cards used in digital cameras—which means camcorders are now small enough to fit in your hand.”

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5. Point-and-shoot digital SLR cameras
“For a long time, I’ve been drooling over these, but haven’t had the money for them. But now the prices have come down while their capabilities have gone up. A couple of models actually do high-def video as well. The idea of one camera to do it all—and with interchangeable lenses? Amazing.”