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Top 5: Chris Hermann


Everyone wants to discover that band before they make it big. Chris Hermann, Program Director and DJ personality at 107.1 The Peak, names the artists you should add to your iPod. . .now.

1) One Eskimo
This indie British band has “a very earthy, warm, inviting sound,” says Hermann. “They sing and harmonize incredibly well and are just beginning to get on the launch pad now.” Hermann recommends “Hometime” and “Kandi” off their new album, Kandi, which is “chock full of good songs and is my at-home CD because it just makes my house feel warm.”



2) Joshua James
Hermann calls James, who grew up a Mormon, “utterly unique.” His recently released album, Build Me This, “draws influences from classics like The Band and has really good singing and dynamic playing,” says Hermann. “His five-part harmonies are really intuitive and just mesh well.”


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3) Rodrigo y Gabriela
This Mexican duo plays “nylon-string acoustic guitars and instrumental music where they bang on their guitars and make this really cool rhythmic music.” With the help of a growing cult following, the duo’s self-titled album Rodrigo y Gabriela launched to #1 on the Irish Billboard Charts. “When they play live, it turns into this huge sound where they’re stomping on the stage and kicking their chairs. They’re on the precipice of a breakout.”



4) The Avett Brothers
When people compare you to John Lennon and Paul McCartney, you know you’re doing something right. “These guys have really caught our attention—three guys that can really sing in beautiful harmony.” Hermann particularly likes “I and Love and You,” a quieter folk tune that is “just beautiful.”



5) Cory Chisel and the Wandering Sons
This small-town band from Wisconsin “has a whiff of Springsteen and Dylan with very authentic organs, dulcimers, and guitars,” says Hermann. “Brendan Benson, lead singer of the Raconteurs, co-wrote and produced the group’s last two albums. The songs are just really tight.”



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