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This Month's Winners & Losers



Judge Jonathan Lippman. The Rye Brook resident has become New York State’s top judge, as chief justice of the Court of Appeals in Albany.

 County wine drinkers. A new proposal by Governor Paterson would allow wine to be sold in grocery and convenience stores, and generate revenue for the cash-strapped state.

 New Rochelle. Its new Downtown Artists Spaces Program is luring artists to set up shop in the village, by securing affordable workspace for them from property owners stuck with longstanding vacancies and financial subsidies from state grants.


 Dr. Sheldon Wieder. The Bedford radiologist has been placed on probation by the state Health Department for gross negligence, after allegedly misinterpreting test results on at least six patients, among them a raging appendicitis and a cancerous-looking mass. The Board of Professional Medical Conduct ruled he “practiced with incompetence” because he “experiences difficulty reading CT scans.” (Oops.)

 Westchester County homeowners. New York State taxation officials have chided county lawmakers for sticking to obsolete and unfair methods of calculating property tax. “This is one of the dumbest systems,” declared the executive director of the state’s Office of Real Property Services. 

Drivers in Addyman Square. Entering this dead-end “square,” which is shaped more like a triangle, in Ardsley is usually a waste (there are only like 10 parking spaces servicing twice as many shops and restaurants)—and exiting the square is a nightmare, since the traffic light at this unwieldy five-way intersection likes to give all the other lanes the green light first.

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