This Month’s Westchester News, Gossip, Facts, And Oddities

1. The Knicks’ new D-League team—sort of like the NBA’s minor league—is coming to the County Center next year. (At least it’s not an “F”-league.)  

2. If a county fair is your dream gig, the Yorktown Grange Fair (9/4-9/7) might be your best bet to rock out amid livestock, blue ribbons, and carnival rides. Send demos to

3. Things you can get at Costco now include commissioned, artist-painted pet portraits—along with a lifetime bundle of socks, more [insert food product] than will ever be necessary, and fine jewelry. 

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4. Greenburgh civic associations are raising eyebrows at the town’s “apparent collusion” with developer Game On 365 to rezone land on Dobbs Ferry Road. Apparently, they’re not into the idea of “an 83-foot-tall commercial sports bubble.”

5. The problem with community? You can’t go out without running into someone you know. Enter Cloak, a new “antisocial network” app that maps your contacts via their Foursquare and Instagram geo-tags…so you can avoid them.