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Back in the 1920s when gasoline was a princely 23 cents a gallon, thousands of drivers rumbled up and down Route 22 (which now runs from the Bronx to Mooers, New York, a distance of 341.3 miles) in their Ford Model Ts, Packards, and REO Speedwagons. And no doubt, many of those drivers rumbled right into the Paramount Garage in Armonk to fill ‘er up with Tydol gasoline (a brand later purchased by Getty). The station was built in 1926 by brothers Nicholas and Peter Trerotola, and run by the family until 1968, although the property operated as a garage well into the 1980s.


Then, in 2000, former Hard Rock Café manager Lance Root leased the property from the Trerotola family and transformed the old Route 22 garage (which had been vacant for 10 years) into the Route 22 Restaurant and Bar. Today, located on Old Route 22, the restaurant serves “classic American cuisine”— sliders, shakes, steaks, and ribs. And in a nod to the building’s former function, the restaurant houses two original gas pumps from the 1930s, a 1931 Model A Ford, and lots of antique gasoline signs and license plates. So, while some may “get their kicks on Route 66,” we get our nostalgia fix on our very own Route 22.




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