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The Worst Pick-Up Lines: Westchester Bartenders Sound Off


Bartenders get a front-row seat to some horribly tragic pickup attempts during late-night bar romps. So, to save you from crashing and burning, we asked a few at local watering holes to pass on their advice on the best and worst pickup attempts, as well as the best time to meet someone at a bar.

“Don’t use phony pickup lines. Just be yourself and start with, ‘Hi my name is…’” —Gary Bisonette, Cellar Bar in Larchmont

“Worst pick up attempt is when a guy who’s sitting across from a girl at a bar is too chicken to go up to her and instead says, ‘Can you buy her a drink for me?’” —Garry Leavy, Birdsall House and Gleason’s in Peekskill

“The best time to pick someone up at a bar is during Happy Hour. There’s typically a good crowd talking about their workday and exchanging stories. During Happy Hour, people drink enough to be loose and talk to random people at the bar, but generally not wasted to the point where beer goggles come into play.” —Annarose Russo, Growlers in Tuckahoe

“Worst pic up line I’ve heard: ‘I don’t have a job, I don’t have a car, but would you like to go out on a date?’” —Sharon Crowley, Garth Road Inn in Scarsdale

“Never, ever send your friend up to do the talking for you. Wingmen are only beneficial in ice hockey.” —Trish Pozzi, Demeter’s Tavern and Sports Bar in Tarrytown

“A good time to meet someone is 7:30 pm because it’s just before the rush happens. It gives you more time to have a conversation because it is a calmer atmosphere, but still somewhat busy.” —Nick Carriero, bartaco in Port Chester