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The Pulse: A Survey of Westchester County Residents' Views on Real Estate


Since the Great Recession, have you taken in relatives/friends/housemates to help you afford staying in your home?
No (57%)   Yes (21%)   I’ve given it serious thought (22%)

My biggest house-related expense is:
Oil/heat     45%
Electricity     21%
Water     14%
Regular upkeep     12%
Unexpected repairs     8%

My house is:
Under 1,000 square feet     14%
1,000-2,000 square feet     33%
2,000-3,000 square feet     43%
You need a GPS to find your way
around     10%

If I could do it over, I’d get a home with:
A modern kitchen     36%
Fewer rooms (who needs all that space?)    19%
At least two bathrooms     17%
A butler and a maid     16%
A smaller yard to mow     12%

The worst thing about my home is:
“My neighbors. Who needs them?”
“The parking. You can never have a big   
    enough driveway.”
“The taxes that come with it!”
“It’s got other people living in it.”
“A nosy landlord.”

The number of people I know who’ve had to sell or foreclose their homes:
0     13%
1 to 3     31%
4 to 6     36%
7 to 10     10%
I’ve lost count     10%
I own a:
Single-family home     41%
Co-Op     29%
Condo     24%
Multiple-family dwelling     6%

The biggest advantage to being a homeowner in Westchester is:
The schools     47%
The overall quality of life     29%
The future re-sale value     24%
The biggest disadvantage to being a homeowner in Westchester is:
The inability to sell     53%
The taxes     35%
The repair/upkeep with all
these $&!*# storms.     12%

I rent:
Only because I can’t afford to buy     72%
By choice     28%