The Pulse: A Survey of Westchester County Residents' Holiday Gift-Giving Habits

When it comes to giving holiday gifts…

…I give as good as I get (34%) …I’m renowned for giving the Best. Presents. Ever (29%)
…People get whatever I can find at 6 pm on Christmas Eve (22%) …I’m a bit of a cheapskate (hey, times are tough) (15%)

When it comes to receiving gifts…
I prefer to be genuinely
I prefer to get exactly what I asked for
(right down to the model number)    27%

I think giving gift cards is mostly…
Tacky     17%
Convenient     15%
Impersonal     15%

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On average, I spend ___ every year on holiday gifts.
$500 and up     46%
Between $100 and $500     44%
Less than $100     10%

My favorite place to shop for holiday gifts is…
On the Internet     51%
At the malls     25%
On Main Street     17%
Nowhere     7%

When it comes to opening gifts, I think it’s more proper to…
Open them in front of the giver (it’s the polite thing to do)     68%
Open them later (it prevents
having to be put on the spot if
you don’t like the gift)     32%

Have you ever re-gifted something?
Yes     41%

IF YES, have you ever been busted for it?
No     71%
Yes     29%

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For me, the best gift of all would be…
Free time 
Better health     22%
Money     20%
A new love     15%
A new job     11%