The Pulse: A Survey of Residents' Dating Life

My relationship status is:
married/committed and not looking (54%) single and looking (25%)
single and not looking (18%) married/committed and looking (3%)

My primary source of dates and dating prospects is:
the NYC bar/club scene 28%
work  25%
friends and family  19%
the Westchester bar/club scene  16%
the Internet  12%

My favorite Westchester singles bar is:
Brazen Fox  23%
Black Bear Tavern  12%
Thirsty Turtle  12%
42 The Restaurant  9%

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The online dating sites I’ve used:
eHarmony/Compatible Partners 19%  14%
OkCupid   7%
JDate   5%
PlentyOfFish   4%
Zoosk   3%
Craigslist  3%

I have dated:
a colleague at work  49%
a neighbor  28%
a subordinate  16%
a babysitter  14%
a boss  12%
a student   9%
a teacher  7%

A perfect first date would be:
an evening at Jacob Burns  30%
a picnic at Teatown Lake Reservation  28%
dinner at X2O Xaviars on the Hudson 19%
a latte at Starbucks   9%
a movie at City Center   7%
a few laps around the track at Grand Prix New York   5%
dinner at City Limits Diner  2%

The best restaurant  for a romantic/serious date is:
42 The Restaurant 21%
Bungalow  14%
Iron Horse Grill  7%
X2O Xaviars on the Hudson  12%
Anything Italian   5%

My opinion of Valentine’s Day:
way too commercialized 44%
An opportunity to celebrate love 26%
A great excuse to gorge on chocolate
and booze and get flowers  19%
Ask me on February 15  11%