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The Latest Town News in Peekskill, NY; Hastings-on-Hudson, NY; Pleasantville, NY; White Plains, NY; and Eastchester, NY


PEEKSKILL—The city unveiled its new-and-improved Depew Park. Funding from a county grant enabled the city to upgrade the park’s amenities, which now feature new playground equipment, lighting, tables, benches, and a drinking fountain.

HASTINGS-ON-HUDSON—A man was found dead in the village’s Metro-North parking lot. The medical examiner’s office believes that the man fell or jumped to his death from the Warburton Avenue bridge overhead.

EASTCHESTER—A 95-foot tree that fell thanks to Hurricane Irene has turned into kindling, fueling the fire of an ongoing feud between two neighbors. (One accuses the other of not cutting the tree down when requested, well before the hurricane. The tree ended up smashing into that neighbor’s house and car.)

WHITE PLAINS—White Plains Hospital hired nine local physicians as part of an effort to buy out private practices and transition staff physicians into employees.

PLEASANTVILLE—In a case of mistaken identity, more than 60 donations have been received by the village’s fire department—ones meant for the fire company in Pleasantville, Pennsylvania. The PA fire department had mailed fundraising letters with enclosed self-addressed envelopes, with the wrong address (oops).