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Thalle Industries


Thalle Industries rocks—literally.

The Briarcliff Manor company has been providing rock and asphalt to cities and construction contractors for more than three decades. CEO/President Glenn Pacchiana knows the family business from the bottom up. “Everything that our guys have done, I’ve done. We treat our employees as we’d want to be treated,” says Pacchiana. “We want them to be here for life.”

Thalle operates two quarries in the area: one physical quarry and one Pacchiana calls “virtual,” where used rocks and gravel are crushed and recycled for use in other projects. The company also reclaims all the land mined from its virgin quarry by planting trees. This commitment has earned it praise from Friends of Westchester County Parks, the Business Council of Westchester, and the New York League of Conservation Voters. Pacchiana says environmentalism is a cornerstone of Thalle. “You have to give back more than you take,” he says.

The firm prides itself on speed, aiming to load all supply trucks within 15 minutes and successfully compete for bids on large municipal projects. When you ride on Metro-North, for example, much of the track runs along rocks supplied by Thalle. With the firm reaching new markets, Pacchiana is optimistic about the future: “What we keep hearing from our customers is: ‘When are you going to operate in other areas so we can use you?’ So, if we find the right opportunities, we’ll go there.”