Teen Helps Cops Break String of Burglaries in Armonk

A 14-year-old Armonk resident, Katherine Weiss, played a pivotal role in the arrest of a local teen suspected in a recent burglary spree in Armonk. Since the summer, there have been numerous breakins throughout the town—normally considered a safe area by locals—with local cops warning residents to keep their homes and their cars locked.

Weiss, who heard someone enter her home, locked herself and her sister in a bedroom and called the cops, giving a description that helped them to quickly catch the intruder, 18-year-old Lucas Lachow. The arrest came four days after another Armonk resident caught another serial burglar, 27-year-old Andrew McConnell—who also lives in Armonk. The two suspects, who were not acting together, are both being held in county jail without bail, and have each been charged with multiple burglaries.

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