Tea-ming with Excitement

Soon, Larchmont’s Voracious Reader will be able to satisfy patrons who are hungry for something other than great books. The store is expanding—taking over the adjacent storefront, previously held by a rug seller—and nearly doubling in size. With the increased space, the shop is adding a tea salon with an assortment of teas, French-press coffee, hot cocoa, pastries and scones.

“I’m thinking of moms at three o’clock, when it’s too early to go home and start making dinner, and the kids might be getting a little fussy,” says owner Francine Lucidon. “Instead, they can come here, and Mom can have her tea and the kids can have hot chocolate, and everybody can read their books together.” The new space will also have an area that can be reserved for book-themed birthday parties and, with a whimsical design not out of place in Alice in Wonderland, we can’t imagine a young bookworm who wouldn’t be delighted with the idea. She hopes to open the tea salon before spring.