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Student Q&A: Scarsdale Fifth-Grader Charlotte Frances Braun



Charlotte Frances Braun, Scarsdale  | 5th Grade

What’s the best thing about being a kid in Westchester? I like that there are so many dogs, including mine. I wish that Scarsdale had a bark park. 

And the worst? You have to drive just about everywhere, which causes more and more pollution.

Who’s your idol and why? My family and Taylor Swift. I love country music. I love the lyrics of her songs and the way she whips her hair.

Have you ever been bullied? Yes, I had several issues with bullying in 4th grade. There was a ton of negative name-calling and exclusion. A girl from my class was calling me names like ‘weirdo’ and ‘freak’ and other things to my face. I told my mom, who called that girl’s mom and they discussed it. But, in the end, the girl apologized and we worked it all out. 

How should schools handle bullying? I think there should be no tolerance for bullying. The bully should be sent to the principal straight away and talk things through.

 What is your favorite school subject? I’ve loved music and have been singing since forever. Music shows my inner self to the world.

What is your least favorite school subject? I don’t really like math. I’ve always had trouble with it and I’m sensitive about that. 

What do you do after school? I do my homework ASAP so I can hang out with my friends. We like to play in my secret hideout.  

What do you wish boys knew about girls? I wish boys were more sensitive about girls’ feelings.

What do you and your friends talk about when you are together? Life, hobbies, homework, boys, games, the latest music, clothes, and One Direction.

What don’t your friends know about you? I have a huge crush on a boy.

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