Staff Secrets: Archbishop Stepinac High School Lunch Lady Marjorie Alamon

Put the stereotypes to rest: Alamon has never seen a food fight and is always willing to lend a quarter when a student needs a snack.

Have you ever witnessed a bona-fide food fight? I’ve seen a tinfoil and paper fight! These are good kids; they would never go as far as to throw food. Paper every now and then, but never food.

Do you know the kids by name?  Yes, and many know my name, too. They call me Ms. Lunch Lady or Ms. Alamon.

What’s your least favorite lunch to serve? Nothing, really; if the kids don’t like it, I don’t serve it again.

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What’s your favorite thing to serve? The kids love my mozzarella sticks and french fries, so that’s my favorite.

Do you serve them lunch if they forget their lunch money? I don’t like kids to go without food. I will always serve them; I just make sure to let their teacher know. Or sometimes I’ll lend them a quarter. But, trust me, ninety percent of them forget to pay that quarter back.

When you were a kid, did you buy lunch or brown-bag it? I was born in the Philippines, and we didn’t have a school cafeteria. We went to the restaurant across the street.

Do you miss them when they graduate? Oh, yes, of course. I have a son—he is twenty-five now—who went to Stepinac. I miss them all, but I especially miss the kids who graduated with my son!