Some Westchester Towns Pushing for Tighter Deforestation Restrictions

So, if a tree falls when no one’s around, does it make a sound?

In some parts of Westchester, the answer is yes: it can make quite a bit of noise—amongst environmentally-conscious neighbors and like-minded local government officials, that is. In fact, penalties for deforestation without a permit in some parts of the county can involve hefty fines (up to $1,500), or in some cases, even jail time.

Towns like Larchmont and Rye are just a few areas that already have regulations in place to protect trees on public land and parkland—and are even considering tighter, more controversial restrictions. Yorktown Heights is another locale where some tree-hugging residents are pushing for permit requirements.

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Do you think it’s a property owner’s right to chop down trees as they see fit, or does one have a responsibility to the environment?

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