Shower Power


Shower with a friend, if you’d like to save water. And consider doing so behind one of these fresh, new, organic curtains by fabric, home, and print designer Amy Butler, if you’d like to save even more of our planet’s natural resources. Showcasing a trio of eye-catching, modern designs—Bloom, a floral in celadon and rust; Bucharest, a romantic black-and-white graphic; and Coventry, a turquoise-and-green blossom and leaf pattern—the collection features nontoxic, low-impact dyes printed on organic cotton grown and processed without the use of any chemicals.

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Though you’re on your own when it comes to finding a shower buddy, you can pick up an Amy Butler curtain at Bed, Bath & Beyond in Port Chester or Hartsdale or amybutlerde Measuring 72” by 72”, each is priced at $39.99.