Shared Trasportation Decreases Our Commutes’ Cabon Footprint

County citizens carpool, walk or use public transportation to get to work more often than not.

Ridin’ That Train
How much do we love the environment? Apparently, a lot more than our fellow countrymen do—and a lot more than we like each other. Only 7.1 percent of us carpool to get to work, it turns out, while 9.7 percent of Americans do. But, on the other hand, we are definitely doing our part for earth-friendly mass transit. Nearly 21 percent of us take public transportation to get to work, more than quadruple the near 5 percent of Americans who do. We also walk more to work, with 4.4 percent of Westchesterites gettin’ their stride on as part of the morning commute, compared to only 2.8 percent elsewhere.