Her humans: Noel D’Allacco-Ammirati (quoted here) and Joseph Ammirati of Eastchester

Back Story: We got Roxy to be a companion to our 8-year-old Lab, Zoey, who has lymphoma. For the past two years they have become such great ‘sisters’ to each other.

How she shows her love for Zoey:  Roxy knows when Zoey is under the weather and will always lie down next to her and even put her arm around her. She truly is a sweet and caring girl.

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Why a Lab: For the past 21 years, the American Kennel Club put Labradors at the number-one spot for the best dog. They are wonderful. They are smart, caring, obedient, friendly, and so cute!

Ten-second commercial: We love that Roxy has such a loveable personality. She always wants affection and always wants to be your friend.

One word that best describes her personality: Independent.

Scared by: Large boxes.

Favorite activity: Running around and exploring our backyard.

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Sleeps at night: On her cozy pillow cuddled with Zoey.

Most endearing habit: She’s very affectionate and loves to cuddle.

Most annoying habit: She’s a licker—it’s cute but also annoying.

Favorite thing to watch on TV: Sports—she pays a lot of attention to where the ball is going.

Preferred plaything: There is no toy Roxy doesn’t like—every toy, rope, and bone is her favorite.

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Fave munchies: Carrots and peanut-butter treats.

Most mischievous behavior: She’s been known to chew through pillows.

If she were famous she’d be: Some kind of athlete.

She hates: Nothing. She loves everything!

Clothing owned: None—she prefers being au natural.

Goofiest behavior: She barks at other dogs on TV—almost like a cry-howl—like she wants them to come out of the TV and play with her.

She thinks she is: A person.

I think she is: Also a person. She has people-like characteristics.

Like what?  If she could talk, she would. She looks at you as if she wants to say something.