Roundup: Business Books You Should Read

With the Great Recession still rearing its multi-faceted head (housing, jobs, credit—need we continue?), the one bright spot in our economy is the bumper crop of business books it has sparked. With so many to choose from, we asked Gene Sgarlata, owner of Womrath Bookshop in Bronxville, for his recommendations of what tome to put on your bookshelf next.

“This is a first-person account of the white-knuckled weekend that brought the financial world to its knees.” “This book gives an organized explanation of what happened and why it matters.” “The Smartest Retirement Book takes a critical look at the important subjects for retirees. The focus is on the individual, not the institutions, which is a nice change.” “McLean [she wrote The Smartest Guys in the Room] and Nocera [a New York Times columnist] chronicle the major contributors to the financial crisis and the deeds of folly that led up to it.” “The Big Short gives a clear explanation of the subprime meltdown and the players involved. This is a very accessible book. It’s a narrative, so it’s easy to follow.”