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Rock-a-Bye Baby


New parents, let’s be honest. As much as you love your bundles of joy, don’t you find the music geared towards them a bit…grating? And how many times can you listen to one baby-oriented album before you wish they’d be old enough to start listening to Metallica, just for something different?

You don’t have to succumb to the baby-music blues anymore. Josh Rutt, a musician and teacher from New Rochelle, is at your rescue with Baby Blanket Music, a series of (so far) four albums designed for both parent and baby. The best part: you already know and like these songs. He’s taken the music of four popular artists—Billy Joel, Elton John, Simon & Garfunkel, and John Mayer—and reworked their biggest hits into instrumental lullabies. “I was going for artists that would appeal to both parents and grandparents,” Rutt says. Lullabye music set to the tunes of Madonna and Michael Jackson are on the way.

Apparently, he’s succeeded. Responses from new parents have been phenomenal, from thank-you letters to tales of “obsessed” 14-month-olds. “I’ve even had adults tell me that they listen to the CDs in the bath,” he says. You can find out more about the albums—and give feedback with suggestions for the next artist to be featured in the series—at babyblanketmusic.com.

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