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Rising Westchester Professionals to Watch in 2013: Mike Dardano


The Six Degrees of Mike Dardano

Calling Mike Dardano, 53, a public relations or marketing professional is like calling Picasso a painter. It’s fine, unless you’re offended by understatements. Dardano is the owner of and marketing executive at BuzzPotential in Tuckahoe.

“Mike knows everybody,” says Nat Mundy, vice president and co-founder of Grand Prix New York in Mount Kisco. “He knows everything about everything in Westchester, from the small businesses to the largest companies, and he’s a major asset to the business community because of that.”

Dardano is known for becoming extremely knowledgeable about his clients’ companies. “I get embedded in my clients’ organizations,” he says. “I use their products and facilities, visit their work sites, attend their events, interview customers and employees, and really learn their business,” he says. “I don’t have contracts with most of them; it’s a handshake. That’s how I work.”

Says Joe Guilderson, president of Corporate AV, “Mike is a unique personality whose creativity and energy make him a natural fit for all things marketing. He is genuine and knowledgeable, and always thinking of how he can help his clients reach their marketing and business goals. On top of that, he’s a really funny and upbeat spirit. If you don’t know Mike, you may be the only one.”


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