R5 White Plains Ranks 3rd in Forbes' Most Expensive US Cities

We told you recently that Westchester County pays the highest taxes in the entire country, but how pricey are actual day-to-day expenses here? Forbes magazine put together another one of its lists, this time ranking the most expensive cities in America. To make the rankings, they measured the prices of certain goods in 253 of the world’s cities. The goods comprised of over 200 products that represented spending patterns, such as rent for a luxury apartment and the cost of a fast-food hamburger.

So what did they find?

White Plains is the third most expensive city in the nation, beating out—if you can believe it—San Francisco, Miami, Chicago, Boston, Houston, and Washington, D.C.  While the No. 1 most expensive city didn’t go to a Westchester locale, it did wind up being from New York—none other than New York City, of course.

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