R5 What Westchester Wants in 2013

Make a Wish

With each new year comes a new set of hopes, dreams, and wishes for the next 365 days. Our staff is no exception. Here, they share some of their own:

After Martin Scorsese was spotted all around town
in 2012, I wish for Westchester to keep raising
its pop-cultural profile in 2013. Scorsese’s The
Wolf of Wall Street doesn’t have a release date yet,
but, when World War Z comes out in June, I
hope the Battle of Yonkers actually looks like Yonkers!
—Marisa LaScala
Articles Editor
I wish that every road whose name ends in
“Parkway” wouldn’t flood after it rains, and that
the construction that was already in progress
onI-287 when I moved to Westchester in 1997
will be completed. (I know—I aim high in my wishes.)
—Robert Schork
Senior Editor
I hope to take advantage of all of the arts and
cultural offerings in Westchester. There is so
much right here in our backyard—for both
children and adults—that I never seem to have
time to explore or enjoy. This year will be different!
—Halina Sabath
Deputy Creative Director
I’m asking Santa for wind- and
flood-proof infrastructure.
 —Ben Brody
Associate Editor
I’m hoping for a power-full year with
uninterrupted access to electricity, heat,
water, and Internet. That, or a generator.
—Nancy L. Claus
Features Editor
I wish good health and happiness for
everyone I love—and even for those I don’t
particularly love. And I’m hoping to gain
some confidence in the term “200-year flood
zone,” which obviously hasn’t held true
in our area for the past couple of years.   
—Carol Caffin
Chief Copy Editor
I wish that the work on 287 would finally
be completed. And that Starbucks in Rye
would deliver or offer a curbside pickup
service for those work days I can’t find a
parking spot and need my afternoon caffeine fix!
—Laurie Yarnell
Features Editor
I wish that Jean-Georges would open
his Pound Ridge restaurant already.
My taste buds are getting impatient!
—John Bruno Turiano
Managing Editor

As for me, I wish good health and happiness to all of you and your families. We have a lot to be thankful for; lets not forget that! And it’s also my wish that you enjoy this issue—and every issue—of Westchester Magazine in 2013.

Ralph A. Martinelli

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Ben Brody photo by cathy pinsky, marisa lascala photo by jesse hassenger; Halina Sabath photo by toshi tasaki, laurie yarnell photo by halina sabath